Photo by Ellen K. Rothman.

Photo by Ellen K. Rothman.

I believe in the power of stories to change people and the world. Through teaching, writing, and expanding historical narratives, I help people see the world – and their own place and role in it – in new and exciting ways. A creative educator, commanding writer, passionate speaker, and effective non-profit leader, I enjoy working face-to-face and online. Learn more about my experience and ideas.

Photo by Ellen K. Rothman.



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  1. Barbara Ellison Rosenblit says:

    This is a stunning website and I look forward to following both your Musings and other writings as they unfold. You have been a great teacher and role model to me, and I thank you for that. You model courageous inquiry and have allowed me to teach more deeply and more honestly and perhaps more courageously, providing materials and ideas that challenge and provoke– this teacher’s treasured arsenal. I will miss our regular contact via Jewish Women’s Archive but look forward to always being in your audience, real or virtual.
    Barbara Ellison Rosenblit

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