My latest on women’s leadership

My latest piece, on women’s leadership in light of the Jill Abramson situation, is now up at The Jewish Week! You can read the opening below and follow the link for the rest of it.

The conversation about women’s leadership has flared up again, both inside and outside the Jewish world, after the abrupt dismissal, with minimal explanation, of the New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson.  She was the first woman to hold that position, and she serves as a cautionary tale for those of us “leaning in” hard and for those who argue that leaning in is all it takes.

As a lifelong feminist, Jewish communal leader, and incoming Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, I’m encouraged that we’re talking about this, because it indicates a growing recognition of the essential role of women’s leadership in building a strong community.

But I’m also frustrated, because the hand-wringing seems to pay scant attention to the structural obstacles to women’s leadership, highlighting instead issues of women’s confidence and ambition.

Read the rest at The Jewish Week.

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One Response to My latest on women’s leadership

  1. Leah Gordon says:

    Thank you! I love your pushy aggressive rants. 🙂 They definitely speak to me.

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