About Me


Photo by Gabrielle Orcha.

Like the women in my banner image, I revel in wearing many hats. I am an educator, historian, writer, and Jewish feminist. I earned a BA in History from Yale University and a PhD in American Civilization from Brown University with a focus on women, gender, and social movements.

During more than a decade of work at the Jewish Women’s Archive, I honed my skills as a public historian, curating online exhibits, developing curricula, and training educators. I worked to create a more inclusive history and to promote history as a tool for social change through innovative online content and live public programs.

I have taught and lectured widely, at institutions including Brown University, Boston University, New York University, Hebrew College, Facing History and Ourselves, Hebrew Union College, Gann Academy, and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. A writer by nature, I have published articles in a variety of academic and popular journals and anthologies; I am also a founder of and regular contributor to the blog Jewesses with Attitude, and an occasional blogger at other sites including Role/Reboot and the Huffington Post. Inspired by my own adventures as a Jewish feminist and working mother to high-spirited six-year-old twins (as well as the daughter of a pioneering Jewish feminist), I am currently editing an anthology that explores contemporary redefinitions of the “Jewish mother.”


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